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About the Gallery

Open in Centerville. Olde Masters Galleria offers instruction, fine art, and sophisticated elegance for the art enthusiast and collector. Come in and see what we have to offer. Workshops are available on a regular basis to learn and advance your skill as an oil painter. We specialize in the seven layer method used by many of the great Masters including Rembrandt, Carravagio, Ruebens, Ruisdael, Corot, Haas, and many others. Join us for painting and sketching workshops!

We also have art for sale. Select from our wide range of originals and giclées to bring olde world charm and ambience to any room.

Fine Art Portraits

Commission a portrait today. Crafted in the traditional style

These are great classes for beginner or experienced oil painters who want to learn a modern layering process (not the Flemish method). Allow three days (sessions) for each class. Students should bring canvases and supplies. If you are exploring oil painting for the first time you can use my paints and brushes ($15), but you will still need to bring your own canvases.

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For more advanced workshops try these...

The Fine Art, Fine Print: All classes are based on a number of hours for instruction in a particular topic. Most students can complete the painting in the allotted time, but that is not always the case. Additional instruction and time beyond the normal course hours is charged at a rate of $12.50 per hour. Classes start and end promtly at the agreed upon times.